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Capactity 100 to 6000 kW

Until today we have installed more than 350 thermal oil plants all over the world.

60% of them are installed in Switzerland.
40% of them are installed in Europe, Asia, Africa, middle America and in the USA.

Regiomat is doing

We adjust all questions and works for all necessary circumstances.

Our experience for decades and our know-how allows us to engineer a perfect thermal oil system with all necessary components, also in the industrial sectors

Regiomat is a leader in engineering and installing complete thermal oil systems for

Each machine manufacturer appreciates our knowledge about the specifications for their machines.

If you need some more informations for a special trade please do not hesitate to contact us.


Grand Hotel Tschuggen, Arosa:
Reconstruction of a laundry from steam to thermaloil

tschuggen_thumb.jpg (13541 Byte)



Switzerland Hotels, Institutions, Military 54x Laundries
France Nuclear plants 4x Laundries
Iraq, Saudi Arabian, Cuba Hotels 4x Laundries

Printing / Packaging

Switzerland 8x Packaging
Switzerland more than 200 machines for packaging
Germany Packaging
Spain Packaging
Czech Packaging
Ukraine Packaging
Russia different Packaging
China 6x Packaging
Malaysia Packaging

Different trades

Switzerland Transformer
Switzerland Chemistry
Switzerland Pharmaceutics
Switzerland Lubricant
Switzerland Process heating
Switzerland Bakery
Switzerland 35x Process heating
Germany Chemistry
Germany 2x Press
Germany Pharmaceutics
Germany 12x Process heating
Germany Bakery l
France Chemistry
Italy Bakery
Netherlands Transformer
Slovakia Chemistry
Iran Transformer


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Gewerbestrasse 6, CH-4105 Biel-Benken / Switzerland
Tel:   ++41-61-721'12'60
Fax:  ++41-61-722'12'66

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