"Military-laundry for textiles in Payerne"

(Copy from the magazine "Gasette 3/2001")

In 1993 Regiomat has installed the first thermal oil heating system for "Zeughaus Sursee" to the initiation of Regiomat. The result was that the federal Government saved a lot of investment costs.

The "Zeughaus Payerne" profits of this very good experience of and it was shown that there are a couple of advantages for laundries when they decide to install a thermal oil system.

740 tons each year

Wäschereigebäude im Zeughaus Payerne
Laundry building in Payerne


The new Military West Center of Switzerland for laundries is installed in "Zeughaus Payerne". It is equipped with a central heater. The medium is thermal oil and the burner works with gas.

Payerne is an important military center with two barracks for the anti-aircraft-artillery and the air forces. But it also needed an "Zeughaus" with three blocks with a note of 3 which means that it belongs to the protected buildings. In the building number 1 there is already installed a laundry from the sixties.




Washing, drying, mangling

This new laundry works with a capacity of 740 tons laundry each year. It can be washed every sort of linen like pullover, gloves, shirts and hospital laundry.

The thermal oil heated mangle.

The tunnel washer has 10 partitions and the washing extractor of 200 kg are heated with steam. Two washing extractors of 90 kg and 24 kg are directly heated with thermal oil. On the primary site of this steam generator there's thermal oil which produces steam with a capacity of 1000 kg steam each hour ( 460 kW ).

All 5 dryers and the mangle are also directly heated with thermal oil.





The washing extractors 155, 90 and 24kg
TrockenraumOne drying oven.

There are also installed two drying ovens which are connected to the ventilation. They need a heating capacity of 320 kW during an air consumption of 35 000 m3/h.

The waste heat is used in a heat-recovery system.

For ironing and folding it needs a mangle which is heated with thermal oil. The specifications are a width of 2,55 m, a speed of 16 meters/min and a heating capacity of 180 kW.





Thermal oil heating system

The thermal oil heater equipped with a binary burner ( gas/oil ) has a heating capacity of 1600 kW. The thermal oil temperature in the main pipes are 240 / 210°C and all necessary machines are connected and working with thermal oil.

Heating-recovery / thermal oil - warm water system

The laundry with a capacity of 200 kW, the office building with a capacity of 35 kW and the workshops with a capacity of 120 kW are heated with standard radiators. First of all, the necessary heating water comes from the heating recovery system which produces 90 kW from the flue gas of thermal oil heater.

A second heat recovery system with a capacity of 400 kW is connected directly to the thermal oil system. This is helpful to have the full 100% capacity in the warm water system. When the laundry does not work, an additional heater of 480 kW runs. To save the warm water there are two tanks of 1500 l and 2000 l. First the warm water is heated with the waste heat of the tunnel washer and if necessary the separated warm water heating delivers the rest heat. With this concept it was possible to save a lot of energy and to take consideration for the environment.

Regiomat thermal oil heater; 1600 kW
with a "Elco" binary burner gas/oil

Characteristics of a thermal oil heating system

— 30 - 40% less investment costs
— High security
— No danger of high pressure steam
— Long life
— No losses of condensate and energy
— No corrosions
— Simple maintenance
— System without pressure
— Installation On / Off with one button


For more details read also our document "Laundries heated with thermal oil"

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