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Know-How from the specialist
An example from Bern

The company Sihl-Bern AG ( formerly mpa Multitec Polygraph AG, Bern ) wanted to have a new thermooil plant. An independent engineering office did a plan for the realisation of this project. But this plan was very complicated and a too expensive solution.This was seen in all tenders.

This project was tested by the company Regiomat and it was not good enough for the Regiomat`s specialists. Then the project leader of Sihl-Bern AG worked together with the company Regiomat which was searching a cheaper and better solution. Regiomat has found a better solution which was cheaper and better and the company Sihl-Bern AG could save several 100`000 Swissfranks.

Bern, 16. Aug. 2001
Peter van London
Sihl-Bern AG
Bolligenstrasse 93, 3000 Bern 22
Tel: ++41 31 340 89 03

Regiomat gives interested parties further particulars about the technical things and we explain with pleasure how we work out with competence, know-how and innovative these solutions all over the world for our customers. Other questions according to the satisfaction of the planning, construction and starting will answer  our project partner  with pleasure ( Sihl-Bern AG as the owner and  Bachofen & Meier AG as the seller of the new coating machines ).


Mail: Regiomat AG -
Gewerbestrasse 6, CH-4105 Biel-Benken / Switzerland
Tel:   ++41-61-721'12'60
Fax:  ++41-61-722'12'66

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