Thermal oil plant

Technical sheet

The thermooil plant has a great advantage for the use of the customer, but there are also some important points to consider:

DIN 4754 „Heat transfer with organic mediums“

Important quotations:

For Switzerland there is an additional: „Technische Auskunft“ 1317 VKF

Our experiences shows us the following things:

  1. No threads, no nonferrous metal and no porose cast iron.
  2. Flange connects according to DIN 2633 min. nominal pressure PN 16, extensible screws 5.6 and graphit seals.
  3. The pipes should be connected with weldings if possible.
  4. Valves min.PN 16, steel or spheroidal graphite cast iron, with bellows and safety packing box.
  5. There are strong extensions in the pipelines- attention about the pumps and apparatus.
  6. Hydraulic pressure test of the whole plant with compressed air 1,5 to 2 bar (no water), all connections have to be tested with leak indicator or soap for searching some leaks. Make sure that there is no water in the pipelines.
  7. All machine suppliers must also take care about the technical requirements.
  8. Each machine with a pressure drop of 3 to 5 meters at a temperature difference of normally 30K. It must have enough flowspeed. Don`t use double casing or you have to do some special constructions. We consult machine suppliers.
  9. You have to pay attention to the chosen thermal oil, sythetic thermal oil and the requierements by dimensioning the thermal oil plant.

We are always ready to help you to dimension and/ or find out which requirements must be observed. Please contact us early for a free consultation.


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