Thermooil plants

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We recommend us for the technical works about thermooil plants and machine installations.

With our concept and kow how you can safe costs

Engineers without enough experience in constructing thermooil plants, are not suited for engineering thermooil plants. Additional know how about the different machines and systems are absolutely necessary for planning and dimensioning perfect plants.

Our experience for decades in industry and over 170 mounted plants all over the world, shows you that you have found the right partner for dimension and install your thermooil plant.

Sometimes, there are interesting solutions, because someone other watch the situation and think about different points of view.

Please contact André Güdel directly: phone ++41 79 320 26 61 for helping for the next steps.


Mail: Regiomat AG -
Gewerbestrasse 6, CH-4105 Biel-Benken / Switzerland
Tel:   ++41-61-721'12'60
Fax:  ++41-61-722'12'66

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