Thermal oil compact heating plant 600 kW

Heating capacity: 100 bis 6'000 kW
Temperature range: up to 300°C
Temperature difference: up to 300°C pressureless depending of using
Sort of heating: liquid and gaseous combustible / electric

All apparatus were built on one frame or in one container. The whole installation include the valves, strainer and tubes are built that you can connect the flow and return pipes directly. The electric apparatus are connected to the switchboard. So the Thermo-Oil-Plant is ready for the customers connections for electric, oil, gas and flow and return pipes.

The expansion vessel and the whole equipements are on the frame to a dimension of 1000 kW.

When you got a 1200 kW plant or bigger, then we deliver this apparatus separatly. All you have to do is to follow our inspections and connect it.

Our compact plants could start without any problems, direct at this place where it is placed.

Thermoölanlage  kompakt600 kW

Regiomat threepass boiler have been reliable and well-tried for over 30 years. Take a look to the following explanations and notes:

The following technical sheets are in principle for the general models.

there are: Variants are:
  • Horizontal heater with singing out door
  • Light oil burner
  • Temperature difference of 30K
  • Vertical heater
  • Gas burner
  • Temperature differences of 20 or 40K
  • Power-range up to 6000 kW
  • Flue gaz utilisation and heat recovery

Naturally there is a possiblilty for ohter constructions. Please ask for it.

You could to talk to us about the installations for free. This is why we have an information center. Or we do the work and take the plant into operation. These additional works will allow separatly or we do this works for a flat rate.

Documentation: Engineering datas and schematics of different models

Compact Thermo-Oil-Plant type 200/30
Compact Thermo-Oil-Plant type 500/30
Compact Thermo-Oil-Plant type 1000/30
Compact Thermo-Oil-Plant type 2000/30



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