Thermooil heater

Power range: 100 to 6'000 kW
Temperature range: up to 300 °C pressureless  (> 300°C = Special manufacture)
Temperature difference: 20, 30 or 40 K
Sort of heating: oil, gas, elektric

Automatic once-through boiler with continous temperature controller up to 300°C. Fit for every sort of thermooil ( Marlotherm, Shell Thermia B, BP Transcal N ).

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Construction features

Allowance and inspections:
  • DIN 4754, EMPA type proofed, VKF Nr.1480
  • each heater is  TÜV-proofed
  • Allowance for USA, China, Russia etc.
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VKF Fireproofing-Certifikate


Description of the components



Compact heating plant

For some more details take a look to the data sheets " compact plants "

Thermooil plant built in a container

Installation materials / Machine connections

Secondary circuit with injection regulation

Cheminey and heater flue connection

Regiomat-Heat recovery for the cheminey

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Heat recovery for max. temperature of the flue gas 320°C,  cage is gasproof, collective pipes and lamellar pipes 16/1 mm, max. working pressure 12,3 bar with  2 connections PN 16 on side, material is inox 1.4571, incl. all flanges St 37.2, screws  5.6 and special sealings. Lamellar materials in inox 1.4435,  3.5 mm, 0.3 mm thick. 2 flue gas connections. Flue gas direction is controllable with change-over flaps ( pneumatic or motor ), 3 cleaning doors all with inox material 1.4401, 2 thermostaten TAS- und TAS+ for the safety control for the flue gas temperature and the water circuit temperature. Without wirings.

Parallelcircuit for the heat recovery system

Regiomat heat recoveryboiler


The complete thermooil plant is filled with thermooil incl. reserve in the combination vessel.


all pipelines which have temperature ( without insulation caps for flanges, pupms, valves and control valves. But when you wish to do that, you can have that for an additional price ). Insulation thickness is economically dimensioned, mineral fibre with aluminium plates.

Delivery, assembling and terms of delivery

Assembling and starting

Carriage, packing and transportation

All works, deliveries etc. which have to be organized by the customer:

Installation materials, pipe insulations, cheminey, flue gas connection, all assembling and setting it into operations, which are not exactly arranged. But we could do all these works.

Heating fuel oil tank, heating fuel oil pipelines and other things to do by customer:

Price ex work:

Price including assemble and starting:


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