Thermal oil compact heating plants
built in containers


Home-made containers with trapezoidal corrugations sheets and MSH-profiles are exactly adjust to the dimensions of the thermooil-heater type. The thermooil plants built in containers are all completely assembled with all the necessary equipments and installations you need for a thermooil plant incl. doors, ventilation and electric things like lighting- so they are ready for starting as a Turn-Key-Plant. You can choose which colour of the paint you want. The thermooil pipes are ready to connect by the customers.

The container heating plant is ready to connect the following components by the customer:

The electric supply, the oil or gas supply for the burner and the flow and return pipes from the thermooil.

Wärmeträger-Kompaktanlage in Containerbauweise

Container innen3 medium.jpg (39779 Byte)

Container seite 1.jpg (25426 Byte)

Container Seite 3.jpg (22153 Byte)


Drawing of a compact thermooil plant built in a container

container_schema_medium.jpg (72909 Byte)


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