Description of a Regiomat Thermal oil system:

Regiomat guarantees a controllable flow through the heater. The thermal oil has the possibility to expand over a non-turn-off pipeline between the heater and the expansion vessel. The nitrogen in the expansion vessel guarantees the necessary pressure balance and protects the thermal oil from the oxygen in the air. This is the reason why the thermal oil doesn't oxidize even when we have high temperatures. So you have a system which works for more than 15 years without any problems.

The necessary safety installations are:

prinzipschema.gif (10090 Byte)

1.   Heater
2.   Burner
3.   Circulation pump
4.   Expansion vessel
5.   Nitrogen system
6.   Gas collection bottle
7.   Autom. centralized air
8.   Cock with cap
9.   Shut-off valves
10. Strainer
11. Vibration absorber
12. Manometer
13. Nitrogen
14. Safety valve
15. Vacuum breaker
16. Manometer
17. Pressostat
18. Thermostat flue gas
19. Flow control
20. Thermostat main pipe
21. Temperature controller
22. Thermostat
23. Temperature gauge
24. Level switch
25. Rupture disk
26. Level control
27. Filling pump
28. Safety valve

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