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Company Portrait: Regiomat AG


Regiomat AG was founded in 1969 by Ing. André Guedel. Regiomat is spezialized in doing the complete plannings and installations for Thermooil-Plants all over the world. Regiomat AG built more than 300 installations in over than 40 countries for the last 30 years.

As a spezialized company for industrial heating with complete know-how, Regiomat is able to solve your problems with a turn-key-installation but we also install complete installations with all components.

Modern engineering and methods like CAD ( computer aided design ) supports us in planning and engineering. Our leading employees are speaking French, English and German.

The head office and the factory of Regiomat AG are located in Biel-Benken, near Basel (see map):


Mail: Regiomat AG - info@regiomat.com
Gewerbestrasse 6, CH-4105 Biel-Benken / Switzerland
Tel:   ++41-61-721'12'60
Fax:  ++41-61-722'12'66

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