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Laundries heated with thermal oil

Advantages for the owner of a thermal oil heating plant:
  • Efficient heating of dryers and ironers
  • Best conditions for the ironer to process the different textiles: operating temperatures between 180 and 220°C with an injection regulation.
  • Washing machines could be connected directly to the thermal oil installation.
  • Washing machines could also be connected with a steam generator of only 4 bar without any condensate recycling.
  • Easy starting by pushing the button; also after long breaks because the thermal oil system keeps filled with thermal oil which is protecting the whole installation against corrosions.


Advantages of thermal oil heating plants compared to high pressure steam heating plants:

  • Simple installations and placements
  • 30 - 40% less investment costs
  • No corrosions and less maintenance costs
  • Higher efficiency of the heating plant
  • Pressureless system
  • High security and a longer life



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Laundries heated with high pressure steam

Characteristics of a steam-heating plant
  •  Danger of the high pressure in the system
  • Periodical inspections, requirements and placement agreements
  • Chemical consumption
  • Losses of condensate and energy
  • Daily works
  • Corrosions
  • The installation needs more valves and apparatus as a thermal oil heating plant. Therefor the steam heating plant investment is 30-40% higher.
  • It does not make sense to produce high pressure steam to heat only the ironer because all other machines don't need such a high pressure. Therefor the high pressure must be reduced/ destroyed before every machine!
  • Today, high pressure steam should only be used in industries which really need steam.
  • Condensate recycling and the water treatment need expensive arrangements.



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Regiomat works together with machine suppliers and engineers itself complete laundry installations, including the assembling, delivery and startings.

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Diagram of a thermal oil heatingplant
Machines directly heated with thermal oil

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  • System without pressure
  • High security
  • Long life
  • No corrosions
  • Simple maintenance
  • Installation On / Off with one button


Diagram of a thermal oil heatingplant
Machines indirectly heated with thermal oil / steam

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The use of thermal oil in laundries has important advantages for the owner:
  • The washing water is heated up to 95°C with Low-Pressure-Steam
  • It is simple to generate steam of 4 bar
  • No condensate recycling and no water treatment
  • Simple installations and placements
  • 30 - 40% less investment costs as a steam plant
  • No danger of high pressure steam
  • No losses of condensate and energy
  • No corrosions

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Grand Hotel Tschuggen, Arosa:
Reconstruction of a laundry from steam to thermaloil

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